Enroll in Elkhart County 4-H

Please review the following before enrolling in 4-H:

Exploring 4-H is for 1st and 2nd graders.

Traditional 4-H is for 3rd through 12th grades.

State 4-H Fee – $15.00/member per year. (Excludes Exploring 4-H)

Elkhart County 4-H enrollment deadline April 15th (includes fee payment)  Enrollments recieved after April 15th will be assessed a late fee in addition to the state fee.  Enrollment will not be accepted after June 1st.

When you click on the ENROLL IN 4-H button below you will be redirected to the Indiana 4-H Online Enrollment site.

Since this is the first year Elkhart County 4-H is accepting enrollment online you will need to click on the “New” button and fill in the requested information.  Yor first name needs to be your “given” name, not a “nickname”.  There will be place for you nickname on the information screen.

On the first information screen where you are asked for your street address, if you have a PO Box, please include it.  Also, you will need to select a “Primary Club”.  This is the 4-H club in which you plan to do the majority of your 4-H club work.  In many cases it will be a “Local” club.  Local clubs involve many different 4-H projects.  “County” clubs focus on one particular project. (ie. Beef, Poultry, Bicycle, Clowning, etc.) 

If you are new to ELkhart County 4-H and need help in selecting a Club, please call the Extension Office at 533-0554.

As you progress to the screen where you select your 4-H projects, if you choose a “county” 4-H project, you also need to select the associated “county club”.  (Note: You will only fill out one (1) enrollment for 2012.  Not multiple enrollments as in the past.)

If you are new to 4-H or would like to see a listing of the 4-H projects offered in Elkhart County, you may find it helpful to print a copy of the 2012 Manual Enrollment form. 

After you have selected your projects for 2012 you will proceed to the page where you can review and submit your enrollment.  Remember, parents need to check the box either at the beginning or just before submitting that will allow them and the 4-H’er to electronically initial the Parent/Guardian Consent Form.   Once submitted you will see a page that tells you the cost and if you want to enroll another 4-H’er, pay online or print an invoice to pay the fee ($15.00 per 4-H’er State Fee) at the Extension Office.  If you are enrolling multiple 4-H’ers in the same family and at the same address, please do so before paying the fee.  Also, please note that once the $15.00 state fee is paid, it is not refundable.