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Rules, Policies, Guidelines & Misc.

4-H Geneal Rules and Policies    pdf
   +  The Indiana 4-H Program Philosophy
   +  4-H Club Membership
   +  Residence
   +  Deadlines
   +  Participation
   +  Exhibition
   +  Animal Ownership
   +  Completion
   +  Behavioral Criteria for 4-H Events and Activities
   +  Penalties
   +  Adult Behaviol Expectations
Elkhart County Due Process and Grievance Procedures   pdf
   +  Fraud and Deception
   +  Determination of Fraud and Deception
   +  Penalty
   +  Due Process and Grievance Procedures
Enrollment Policy   pdf
General Rules for 4-H Projects   pdf
Elkhart County 4-H Fair Ticket Policy   pdf
Ribbons   pdf
Organization   pdf
   +  Elkhart County 4-H Club Corporation
   +  4-H Expansion and Review Committee
   +  4-H Long Range Planning Committee
The above information is also contained in the Elkhart County 4-H Handbook   pdf.