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    Elkhart County 4-H

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Upcoming Dates

Link to Elkhart County Extension Calendar

Nov 1:  Enrollment in Elkhart County 4-H begins.

Nov 8:  Discover 4-H Event.  ECCC on Fairgrounds.  10:00am - 2:00 pm

Elkhart County 4-H Clubs

Local Clubs

A few clubs are not listed on this page.  They are some "After School Clubs", "Special Needs Clubs", and Clubs that require an Extension Office referral to be a member.

Cleveland Twp.
Charging 4-H'ers
Oslo Twp.
Busy Bobcats
Oslo Buddies
Pay It Forward
Washington Twp.
Bristol Boosters
York Twp.
Lucky 4-H
Baugo Twp.
Clever Clovers
Jamestown 4-H
Concord Twp.
Concord 4-H Pioneers
Concord Lads & Lassies
4-H Minutemen
Happy Clovers
Stitch It Up
TLC 4-H CLovers
Jefferson Twp.
Jefferson Trailblazers
Kreative Kids
Middlebury Twp.
Crystal Valley Clovers
Middlebury 4-H
Olive Twp.
Knee Deep in 4-H
Harrison Twp.
Harrison Helpers
Elkhart Twp.
21st Century 4-H'ers
Blue Bonnets/Lightfoots
Boy & Girls 4-H Club
Bridging Boundaries
Diamonds in the Rough
Earthcare 4-H
4-H Fanatics
Kind Clovers
Maple City 4-H'rs
Model 4-H
Clinton Twp.
Locke Twp.
Nappanee Boys & Girls
Nappanee Motivators
Happy Hustlers
Panther Paw
Jackson Twp.
Jackson Producers
Benton Twp.
Bentonettes & Cadets
Fairfield Pioneers

County Clubs

Aerospace Club
ATV Club
Beef Club
Beekeeping Club
Bicycle Club
Cat Club
Cavy (Guinea Pig)
Clown Club
Dairy Club
Dairy Feeder Calf Club
Dairy (Guernsey)
Dairy (Jersey)
Dog Club
Exploring 4-H
Fishing Club
Genealogy Club
Goat Club
Hidden Treasures Club
Jr Leaders
Lamb Club
Llama Club
Media Club
Poultry Club
Rabbit Club
Saddle Club
Shooting Sports Club     Schedule
Swine Club
Tractor (Farm)
Tractor (Garden)